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Silk Essence at Kingsoak

CH. Storeyland Silk Ascot x CH. & NJK. Angel's Pride Jasmine



Breeder: H. Kingham, kennel at Kingsoak

Silk Essence at Kingsoak

Eline is our second Cavalier. She was born in a litter of 6: 2 males and 4 females. 5 puppies of this litter went to breeders. Eline is a very typical, sound toy-spaniel with her large dark eyes and melting expression.


CH. CAN.-LUX. Storeyland Silk Ascot
CH. Storeyland Silk Ascot
CKCSC & AKC CH. Maibee Milan of Bentwood
CH. Maibee Milan of Bentwood
Maibee Montrose
Top CKCS Sire '05 '07 '08 '10 '11
Craigowl Dixon
Maibee The Stand In
Maibee MadonnaTelvara Kavalkade
Maibee Jennilee
AKC CH. Grantilley Silk Stockings
CH. Grantilley Silk Stockings
Nevhill's NazarethUK CH. Cavaliegh Alexander
Nevhill's Narnia
Grantilley RunawayBreidden Beach Boy
Grantilley Rickeya
CH. Angel's Pride Jasmine N.J.K.

CH. Angel's Pride Jasmine
CH. Sanickro Escapade

CH. Sanickro Escapade
Sanickro Rob Roy McCoySanickro Made to Measure
Kaprisha T.O.T. of Sanickro
Sanickro Royal JewelEmsmere Royalist
Sanickro Amazing Grace
CH. Angel's Pride Anastacia

CH. Angel's Pride Anastacia
UK CH. Miletree NijinskyUK CH. Tameline Northern Dancer
Miletree Evening Dream
CH. Timsar Miss TeeqLinjato Ace of Base
Timsar Miss Jocasta

Silk Essence at KingsoakSilk Essence at Kingsoak
Eline enjoying the evening sun

Silk Essence at KingsoakSilk Essence at Kingsoak
She really likes to cuddle...
Silk Essence at Kingsoak
or take a quick nap on the couch

She always needs to be cuddled and she constantly has to be around us. She can lay perfectly still, just relaxing while she is being cuddled. Although she is less courageous and sometimes a bit hesitating when something new happens, eventually she will overcome her fear, because her curiosity always wins.

She is tireless, full of energy and always in the mood for a game of tag with Lena or Jada!

Just like mommy Jessy (Angel's Pride Jasmine) Eline is a real Ďtalkerí. She mumbles something that resembles barking but with her mouth closed. Itís always funny when she does that. She is very nosey and likes to sit in front of the window staring outside for hours.

Enjoying the spring sun

Eline and Jada


Eline as a puppy


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