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Puppies at their new owners

Tess (Bengal's Ladybug)

Mati (Bengal's LL Cool J)

Tess (Bengal's Ladybug)

Lilly (Bengal's Love Devine)

June (Bengal's Juneberry) together with Rose (Kiss me Rose from Alder Court)

June (Bengal's Juneberry) together with little Pauline

Thanks to family De Vos for the lovely pictures of little Pauline and June!

James (Bengal's Jaywalker)

James is a good mix of Lena and Walter. He adores hugging en goes everywhere with his owners, even to restaurants where he is very quiet and sleeping under the table.

On visit to June (Bengal's Juneberry)

June has it all: a big garden, lot's of love of her new owners and the owners take her everywhere.
The sisters needed to know eachother again, but then they played non stop. Also Lena enjoyed the visit and played a lot. As you can see June has the typical Maibee coat.

Max (Bengal's Jalapeņo)

Max realy enjoys the shows!

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